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Immediately before, or on, the termination of any journey of a vehicle, the driver of the vehicle shall search the vehicle so far as practicable for any property accidentally left in the vehicle.
The driver of a vehicle to whom any property is handed, in accordance with the Regulations above, or who himself finds any property in a vehicle shall, as soon as possible and in any case within 24 hours, deliver the property for safe custody in the state in which it came into his possession to the Sharpes of Nottingham Administration Staff.
Where any property is contained in a package, bag or other receptacle Sharpes of Nottingham may cause such receptacle to be opened and the contents examined, or require any claimant to open it and submit it and its contents for examination, if the Sharpes of Nottingham deems it necessary for the purpose ;
(a) of identifying and tracing the owner of the property, or
(b) of ascertaining the nature of the contents or valuing the property.
If any such property in the custody of Sharpes of Nottingham is not claimed within three months of the date when it was delivered in pursuance of the 1934 Regulations or these Regulations, and proved to the satisfaction of the Sharpes of Nottingham to be owned by the claimant, or if the claimant shall refuse or neglect to pay Sharpes of Nottingham the administration charge, then Sharpes of Nottingham has the right (save in the case of money) without undue delay, to sell the property ;
(a) any lost property should be retained by the operator for a period no longer than three months.
(b) any official documents which it has not been practicable to return to the appropriate body or person in accordance with provisions (a) of Regulation 7, and any other documents which have not been claimed by a person entitled, in accordance with these Regulations, to their return within the period of three months specified above, shall be dealt with or disposed of in such manner as Sharpes of Nottingham deem appropriate.
Our representatives of Sharpes of Nottingham are empowered to open packages, bags or other containers to either identify the owner or ascertain the value. Any property which is, or which becomes, objectionable may be destroyed or disposed of at any time at the discretion of Sharpes of Nottingham.
Notwithstanding the foregoing provisions of these Regulations, if any property held by an operator or one of its representative under these Regulations appears to be of a perishable nature, and if, within 48 hours from the time when it was found, it has not been claimed, then the property will be destroy or otherwise dispose of as Sharpes of Nottingham sees fit.
 Where any property is to be forwarded to a claimant by the operator, all costs of packaging and carriage reasonably incurred shall be paid in advance by the claimant to the operator.
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