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The 1981 Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981 S24 and S25 regulates
the conduct for drivers, conductors, inspectors and passengers. A passenger on a public service vehicle
3.1 All exits only to be used when instructed by the driver or in an emergency only
3.2 Must pay attention when getting off the coach – especially overseas, reminder of city traffic and often door open onto road.
3.3 Must not trail or throw anything from or inside the vehicle.
3.4 Must not smoke, vape, carry lighted tobacco, lighted match or lighted cigarette lighter.
3.5 Must not cause distraction by speaking to the driver while the vehicle is moving, unless in emergency or to deal with matters of safety or to give
directions in respect of stopping the vehicle.
3.6 Must not distract the driver or obstruct his vision.
3.7 Must not give a signal which the driver may believe to be a signal to stop in emergency or signal to start the vehicle.
3.8 Must not travel in any other section of the vehicle, other than the cabin area and must remain seated at all time.
3.9 Must not deliberately interfere with the vehicles safety equipment
3.10 Must wear a seat belt where fitted, as instructed by the driver for the duration of the journey, unless whilst making use of any on board toilet
facilities, failure to do so can result in an on-the-spot fine of up to 135 Euros per person. In the case of groups with participants under 18 years of age, the responsibility to ensure seat belts are worn falls on the supervisory adult(s) accompanying the group, any non compliance will result in the supervisory adult(s) being fined.
3.11 At all times, remain seated in the forward position with feet on the floor, this includes refraining from sitting on armrests.
3.12 Magazine nets not to be overloaded with drinks / other bulky items i.e. for magazines only.
3.13 Use of cameras / video cameras on board the vehicle is prohibited, especially those fitted with a flash facility. Their use encourages passengers
to get out of their seats to take photos / footage and obviously causes glare on screens internally which can affect the driver(s) and other passing
motorist’s vision.
3.14 Must not use the crew seat on the vehicle
3.15 Consume chewing gum or hot foods on board
3.16 In the case of groups with participants under 18 years of age, a supervisory adult(s) should be seated near all emergency exits, on our double
deckers this includes seats near to stairs
3.17 Safe storage of luggage keeping aisles, exits and stairs clear at all times
3.18 The toilet should be used in case of emergencies only, suitable rest stops will be made en-route
3.19 No litter to be dropped on the floors and should use rubbish bags provided
3.20 Use walkways at all ports
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